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Effects and Safety

Clients may experience a deep state of relaxation during a Reiki session. They may also feel warm, tingly, sleepy or refreshed.

Commonly Reported Benefits

Clients who receive regular Reiki treatments report the following benefits:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Relief from stress
  • Easing of pain
  • Calming of anxiety
  • Faster recovery from surgery
  • Better sleep
  • Deeper spiritual connection
  • Greater sense of well being

Reiki treatments can help Improve :

Heart rate, blood pressure, and immunity.

Reiki treatments can reduce:

Pain, anxiety, and depression

For those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, Reiki treatments help manage the side effects of nausea, pain, fatigue and anxiety.

Reiki treatments are supportive of your natural ability to heal, it is safe for anyone, at any age, in any state of health.

It has no known side effects or contraindications.


".........the effect of a Reiki treatment could be best understood when one actually experiences it......."

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